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New! Podcast Charts available on every Podchaser podcast page

We’re excited to bring you a major update to podcast charts on Podchaser. You can now view Apple Podcast charts and Spotify Podcast charts on every Podchaser podcast page.

Charts aren’t exactly new to Podchaser, but they previously were locked behind a podcast’s insights tab. Which meant the podcast charts couldn’t be used to enrich podcast discovery for all of our users. We decided to change that!

Why do podcast charts matter? Charts are an industry-standard indicator of podcast popularity & success. If a podcast is charting, it’s understood the podcast is currently trending with listeners & growing in popularity. 

Podcast charts are a great discovery tool because they are categorized well and quickly show you popular podcasts. It’s an easy way to find popular podcasts according to your interests and affinities. Charts can also be kinda volatile, as new shows gain traction and others fade out. So, podcast charts are an essential way to expose listeners to podcasts.

Let’s dig into the details and explore what this means for your Podchaser experience.

Podcast Charts Update

So what can you do now with the charts update?

Now, by navigating to any podcast page’s Insights Tab you can filter your view of a podcast’s chart by:

  • Platform
  • Category or
  • Country

Here’s what the podcast charts experience looks like, using Anatomy of a Murder as an example:

Pretty cool, right?

The arrows indicate day-to-day changes of the podcast’s chart positions:

  • The green “up” arrow means the podcast has gone up in rank since yesterday
  • The red “down” arrow means the podcast has gone down in rank since yesterday
  • A gray horizontal line means the podcast’s rank hasn’t changed since yesterday

And if you’re unsure of how to get the most out of our new charts UI, the info button will tell you everything you need to know:

Oh and you might’ve noticed the Show History column. We’ll get to that in a second.

Podcast Charts for Podchaser Pro Users

Why do podcast charts matter to Podchaser Pro users?

PR agencies, media buyers, and podcast networks can all benefit from understanding a podcast’s popularity. Most importantly! You’ll now be able to see chart positions over time, adding crucial, dynamic context to a podcast’s popularity.

PR agents may find trending or charting podcasts especially valuable, as they can leverage that popularity to maximize exposure for their client. Plus it adds a layer of credibility to their clients’ guest appearances (and new biz efforts). PR pros, picture this in your next RFP response: “We were able to secure guest interviews on 6 of Apple Podcasts Top 20 Finance podcasts.” What prospect will say no to that?

Media buyers and advertisers will want to capitalize on the consistent listenership of a charting podcasts audience. If a podcast has been charting for an extended amount of time, there’s a good chance it is managing to both attract new listeners & retain them. This means more loyal ears listening to advertisers’ messaging. You might even be able to identify fast-rising shows, which would be a major win because advertising cost arbitrage could be to your benefit. Imagine sponsoring New Heights before they went parabolic on podcast charts. Cha-ching.

Podcast networks, this is big for you too. As you look to add exciting up-and-comers to your catalog, rely on the podcast charts data to identify, and hopefully, secure your next major money-maker.

Podcast Charts UI for Pro Users

So, what does the new podcast charts feature look like for Podchaser Pro users?

Let’s take a look:

Pro users can travel back in time with the aforementioned “Show History” button. Clicking this button reveals a graph showing the last 90 days of chart rank history for that podcast on that chart.

And you can hover over a dot on the chart to see the exact position and date.

Now that you can more confidently understand a podcast’s popularity over time, your clients should be even more excited to play in the podcast space.

Podcast Charts FAQ

Some questions you might have (with answers):

  • How many charts will Podchaser have?
    • Almost 20k! 19,400 to be exact across Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts
  • Which categories are covered?
    • All charts use their platform’s specific categories, which are different on Apple and Spotify, and do not match Podchaser’s categories
  • Which countries will be covered?
    • All available countries per platform. This is basically every country you could think of.
  • Can I track a chart or a podcasts chart rankings? Will I get notifications of changes?
    • No, not at the moment, but if you return to the browse page or a podcasts chart history tab, you can keep up to date on them. Each chart will have a unique URL, so you can bookmark it in your browser and return daily.
  • Can I apply podcast filters to a chart? 
    • No, not yet, but we will look to do this in the future. 

Podcast Charts Update Summary

Podchaser is the hub of podcast data. Podchaser is still uniquely suited to bring together this fragmented industry by making data available and accessible. By putting this data in the hands of users, we are democratizing podcast insights. Woohoo!

Data-first discovery. Our data is at the core of who we are. It sets us apart from our competitors and gives our pro users the insights they need to succeed. Adding additional charting data expands our current insights suite into the realm of trending popularity over time. Enabling discovery via that data empowers users to leverage these insights as part of their podcast discovery journey. 

But there’s still more work to be done! We’re pumped to bring you this new update and we know you’ll enjoy. We have even more podcast charts improvements coming soon, so stay tuned!

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