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New! Podchaser Alerts Let You Track Episode Mentions

We’re excited to announce the launch of Podchaser Alerts, the best way to stay on top of what podcasts are talking about.

In one corner, we have over 4.5 million podcasts producing a mind-melting amount of content every day. In the other corner, we have you. Unless you’re a superhuman, it’s virtually impossible to track and monitor what is happening in the world of podcasts — there’s just too much information. 

Luckily, Podchaser is on a mission to turn that firehose of content into a drinking fountain of knowledge. We believe strongly that podcasting, more than any other medium, embodies word-of-mouth — and whether or not you’re a listener, podcaster, agency, or brand, we want to help you measure that word-of-mouth. Earlier this year, we released sponsor tracking and transcripts API as the first steps toward unlocking the content hidden within podcasts. 

Today, we are proud to take the next step in our podcast monitoring journey with the release of Podchaser Alerts. A solution that allows users to track podcast episodes for their target keyphrase and receive daily alerts of new mentions. We’ve created the most comprehensive media monitoring solution for podcasts by tracking titles and descriptions of every new episode, and  new episode transcripts from the top 5,000 podcasts.

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How Podchaser Alerts Work

It’s easy to start receiving your Podchaser Alerts.

Visit My Alerts to get started. From there you can view your current alerts, delete unwanted alerts, and create new ones. 

Once you’ve set up your alerts, leave the rest to us. You’ll receive a daily email highlighting all the recent episodes that have mentioned your keywords, plus the timestamp of when in the episode the keyword is mentioned.

Your first keyword/phrase is completely free. Upgrade to track additional keywords/phrases.

Ways to Use Podchaser Alerts

There are a ton of different ways you can use Podchaser Alerts, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Track mentions of specific people: Discover who’s talking about you, your client, or someone you’re interested in. Best when used for mentions. If you’re looking to track credits, we’ve already got you covered.

Analysis topics trends: Create an alert with the search phrase of the topic you want to track. You’ll receive a daily email update with all of the episodes talking about that subject.

Brand mention tracking: See how a brand or product is being talked about by podcast influencers. Perfect for understanding brand positioning and measuring the impact of campaigns. Looking to track podcast advertising? We’ve got you covered there too with our sponsor history feature.

And that’s just the beginning. Alerts provide in-depth data that is flexible enough for many purposes. We’re excited to see what creative use cases our audience discovers.

Get Started with Alerts

Create your first alert today by visiting your My Alerts page.

Interested in unlocking alerts for your brand or organization? Contact our sales team.

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