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Podchaser’s Top 9 Integrations of 2022

At Podchaser, we pride ourselves on powering the entire podcasting industry with our uniquely comprehensive podcast database. For years, we’ve supplied data and discovery tools to all sides of the industry–improving podcasting for everyone involved.

We’ve helped podcast listeners by integrating with listening apps like Podcast Guru, we’ve unlocked more revenue streams for podcasters through our work with Tee Public, and we’ve assisted PR professionals working alongside companies like PRophet, and more.

Last year we integrated with dozens of companies (but we can’t share them all). To give you a taste of what we’ve been up to, here’s nine companies we partnered with last year.

Table of Contents:

1) Podcast Guru is Fully Integrated with Podchaser

Podcast app Podcast Guru integrates Podchaser playlists

In the last 12 months, Podcast Guru has become the first app to ever fully integrate with Podchaser. Podchaser credits, ratings, reviews, lists can be viewed in Podcast Guru app, and when you listen to an episode on Podcast Guru, it automatically syncs with your Podchaser account.

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2) Ausha Hosted Podcasts Can Now Automatically Add their Podcast to Podchaser

podchaser + ausha fm integration partnership announcement

Podchaser has partnered with Ausha, the podcast hosting provider. “Moving forward, all English-speaking Ausha hosted podcasts can choose to automatically add their podcast to Podchaser’s library.”

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3) Kimo’s platform is now Powered by Podchaser

podchaser + kimo fm integration partnership announcement

“Through this partnership, KIMO, the intelligent learning platform library of learning-focused content, has been supercharged by Podchaser ratings, reviews, and credits.”

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4) Disctopia’s Podcast Library is Powered by Podchaser

Disctopia, the podcast hosting and streaming service, is now populated by Podchaser’s best-in-class podcast metadata, providing more and more accurate information for their listeners.

5) Podetize Displays Podchaser’s Power Score and Similar Podcasts

Podetize is “your easy button for podcasting,” providing podcast hosting, launch, episode production, website maintenance, brand awareness, coaching, and support services. By integrating with Podchaser, their clients can now see a podcast’s Power Score and similar podcasts.

6) Wildcast Discovers New Shows with Podchaser Data and Intel

wildcast logo

Wildcast is a podcast ad marketplace for tech, eCommerce, SaaS, and B2B audiences. With our new integration, Wildcast now uses Podchaser’s comprehensive podcast contact information database to vet new shows to onboard to their platform.

7) Intercast.fm Integrates Podchaser Charts

Intercast.fm is an interactive podcast player. Now, Intercast customers have access to Podchaser’s chart positions, allowing them to discover the most popular podcasts.

8) MwareTV Viewers Can Now Listen to Podcasts via Podchaser

mwaretv logo

MwareTV is a cloud-based TV platform for IPTV providers. By integrating with Podchaser, MwareTV customers can now search and listen to podcasts through their TV.

9) Propo.fm Now Uses Podchaser Charts

propo.fm logo

Propo.fm is a Japanese podcast listening app. Propo’s client’s can now access Podchaser’s podcast popularity charts for Japan, allowing for greater discovery and industry knowledge.

Vote on Podchaser’s Future Integrations

That’s not all folks! As part of our never-ending quest to power podcast discovery for the entire industry, we have more partnerships and integrations to come later this year. 

To see all of our previous integrations and to vote on which integrations we should pursue next, check out our integrations page.

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