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Podcast Outreach – How to Find Podcast Contact Information

No matter your business goals, podcast outreach is the first step to leveraging the podcast industry. Whether you’re searching for podcasts that will provide authentic advertisements for your company or attempting to book your client as a guest to promote their work – the first step is to find a podcast’s contact information. Unfortunately, podcast outreach is more complicated than it seems, and it’s common to feel at a loss for where to start immediately.

It feels like contact information should be easy to obtain in the internet age, but the podcasting industry is still young. The podcast you’re trying to reach out to could be a well-organized corporation, a hobbyist who makes podcasts in their spare time, or anything in between.

As a result of our industry’s lack of centralization and standardization, finding even basic information like an email address can feel like a wild goose chase. Here’s our guide on how to find podcast contact information.

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Step 1: Finding Podcasts to Reach Out to

person finding podcasts with a telescopeFinding a podcast’s contact information isn’t an exact science, but it can be done! This first step of podcast outreach is finding the podcasts you’d like to contact

Via Podcast Listening Apps

There are a few ways to find podcasts on the various podcast listening apps (sometimes called podcatchers), whether it be Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, or anything else. The first technique is to leverage the way podcatchers organize their library by “Categories”. Categories are often based on the show’s topic, so if you want to book your client on Bitcoin podcasts, you can explore the “Technology” and “Business” categories for related shows.The second way to find shows for podcast outreach via podcasting apps is to search for the topic that interests you. When you search “Bitcoin” in Apple Podcasts, you’ll find shows with the word “Bitcoin” in the title, as well as related podcasts about economics and other cryptocurrencies.

Via Google

Google’s powerful search engine is an invaluable tool for finding podcasts you’d like to contact. Similar to podcasting apps, search “bitcoin podcasts” and “best bitcoin podcasts” for best results. This search usually results in listicle-style articles of the best podcasts related to your topic. If you find a specific podcast that is exactly what you’re looking for, take your search even deeper by googling “podcasts similar to ”˜X”.Google will also give you access to a podcast’s RSS feed. RSS feeds usually  contain an email address, but it’s inconsistent. And even if you can find the show’s email, they are rarely monitored.

Via Podchaser Pro

To find podcasts using Podchaser Pro, simply search any topic you’re interested in – as broad as “Technology” or as specific as “Macbook Pro” – and every related podcast in existence will appear. Unlike most podcast directories, our search goes beyond the title, finding podcasts by searching through episode titles, show notes, genre categories, and user-made lists.To strategically narrow down your search even further, you can filter by Power Score, which is our exclusive algorithmic rating of podcast influence; the higher the Power Score, the more influential the podcast. Depending on your business goals, it can be extremely useful to filter by various listener demographics exclusive to Podchaser Pro or filter to only search for podcasts that have guests.

Step 2: Finding the Contact Information

person sitting at computer looking for podcast email addressesOnce you’ve gathered the names of the podcasts you’d like to work with, there’s only one thing to do – reach out to them! This is where the podcasting apps lose their usefulness, and where Podchaser Pro shines.

Via Google

The process is straightforward but time-consuming. Google search the podcast’s name followed by “email” or “contact information”. You’ll often come across the podcasts’ personal website or the podcast network they are a part of. There’s no consistent way to quickly find their email address once you’re on the website; you’ll just have to explore the various pages of the site and hope for the best.

Suppose you still can’t find any direct contact information. In that case, most podcasts have some social media accounts, the names of which will either be available on their website or easily searchable on Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.

Once you find their social media account, you can directly message them with your proposal. Be aware that they probably receive many unsolicited messages on social media and may be less likely to respond to a direct message than a professionally worded email.

Via Podchaser Pro

Look no further for a podcast contact database. Once you find the podcast you’d like to contact, Podchaser Pro provides you with clearly organized contact information. On each contact information page, you can quickly target who you’d like to reach out to, whether that be “sponsorship inquiries”, “general inquiries,” the host, editor, producer, etc.

If for whatever reason, the information you’re looking for is not available, you can contact our team, and we will go the extra mile to find you the contact information ourselves.


Podcast outreach can stymie even the most ardent marketing and PR professionals, requiring hours of work for little gain. Google and podcatcher apps are great places to start, but they are flawed in time consumption and lack of detail. Podchaser Pro takes the guesswork out of podcast outreach, making podcasting campaigns easier, more reliable, and more strategic. Request a free demo today.

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