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    منابع مکتوب:محکم در آغوشم بگیر اثر دکتر سو جانسن - ترجمه سمانه پرهیزکاری - نشر میلکانچرا عاشق می‌شویم؟ اثر هلن فيشر - ترجمه سهيل سمّی - نشر ققنوسعشق بحثی غیر عاشقانه اثر مری ایوانز - ترجمه پروین قائمی - نشر آشیانسیر عشق اثر آلن دوباتن -
    کارگردان صوتی: محسن رحمانیگرافیست: حامد بهتاشامور آی‌تی: علی آقایی---با تشکر از اسپانسر این اپیزود: طاقچهخرید کتاب اعترافبا استفاده از کد تخفیفِ مخصوصِ مخاطبان رادیو راه، می تونید در هنگام خرید کتاب از ۵۰ درصد تخفیف برخوردار بشید.
    "Just because you love something doesn’t mean you can’t suck at it." - Mike Rowe Mike Rowe (@mikeroweworks) is perhaps the best storyteller and pitchman I've ever had on the show. You may know Mike Rowe as the host of Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is a
    In this show we get most of the first timers who competed in the BASSC and VSC Shotgun Extravaganza.We talk about what it’s like shooting shotgun in a match for the first time, what they enjoyed and what they didn’t. Most challenging parts of t
    Improve the behavior of students for substitute teachers in the classroom.Episode 236 - Bad Behavior For The Substitute TeacherMonday, February 12, 2018Host: Timothy Rausenbergerwww.brasstenor.comtwitter.com/brasstenoritun.es/i6d62cgp
    In this episode we discuss appendix carry in greater detail. Some members of our audience have been wondering why it is popular, where it came from and why is appears to be in the "in" carry position at the moment.We discuss the changes in hols
    This week we discuss the concept of outrunning your headlights and the misconceptions of shooting at speed.The ability to perform actions at a greater pace than the average shooter is being actively discouraged in many circles at the moment, we
    Please Support The Show With a Donation   This week we talk to Brian Tom O'Connor Brian Tom O’Connor is an actor, theatre director, cabaret performer, and formerly depressed guy who stumbled onto the source of joy and happiness in the backgrou
    In this episode we tackle accuracy standards for defensive firearm use, why it matters and why many people’s perception of required accuracy is flawed.It’s a heavy topic, but please listen to the entire show on this one, it’s important informat
    The Q&A show is made up of questions submitted by our audience.In this episode:- Dryfire, finish before the par time beep starts or before it ends?- Your second pistol, should it be specifically for competition, or something that can do double
    In this episode we discuss the weird and wonderful firearms we have and inexplicable love for. Recent episodes have all been serious in nature, so it was time for a fun discussion where practicality isn’t a consideration.Gaz drops a bombshell o
    ---کارگردان صوتی: محسن رحمانیگرافیست: حامد بهتاشامور آی‌تی: علی آقایی---منابع مکتوب:۱- هنر ظریف رهایی از دغدغه ها اثر مارک منسن - ترجمه میلاد بشیری - نشر میلکان۲- کتاب کار راهنمای غلبه بر اهمال کاری اثر پاملا س‌ | دیگران. - ترجمه ب
    Important suggestions for young clarinet players.Episode 235 - Five (5) Clarinet Teaching TipsSunday, February 11, 2018Host: Timothy Rausenbergerwww.brasstenor.comtwitter.com/brasstenoritun.es/i6d62cgpodchaser.com/podcasts/getting-it-d
    Need better vowel placement for singing? Eliminate the consonants.Episode 234 - Improve Your Singing by Removing the ConsonantsSaturday, February 10, 2018Host: Timothy Rausenbergerwww.brasstenor.comtwitter.com/brasstenoritun.es/i6d62cg
    Are musicians able to multitask at the highest levels? This episode may change your perspective as a music educator or director.Episode 233 - Multitasking For MusiciansFriday, February 9, 2018Host: Timothy Rausenbergerwww.brasstenor.com

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