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    We'd been getting a lot of listener questions about when to sleep with a guy, so here you go, ladies! We cover this topic + what to do physically with a guy before you move into sex territory, and also when to NEVER sleep with him. We also catc
    This piece features the character “The Lady Noor” from the Alternative Stories and Fake Realities miniseries “The Angel’s Calling” by Victoria J Price Noor is played by Iraqi / Norwegian actress Saya Zahawi who has appeared in a number of Alte
    Our guest for today is a  Ph.D. holder in psychology, Dr. Sachita Sabharwal, who will guide us on how we can manage stress & anxiety.Stress is any demand placed on your brain or physical body. Any event or scenario that makes you feel frustrate
    Welcome to the second episode with Reshma Karthik. This episode is all about the aftermath of an athlete when they decide to stop playing the sport professionally. The routine, mindset, thoughts, practice, and the sport itself, tries to crumble
    Welcome to the second part of this episode with Lauren Ammon. In this episode, she talks about a common issue among all professional athletes i.e. Performance Anxiety & Recovery.Facing failure, overcoming tough times, avoiding negative thoughts
    In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Lauren Ammon. She is an Athlete Mindset Coach and in this episode, she shares her journey from being a former professional athlete to now training professional athletes.She talks about the menta
    This episode is all about passion, interest and love for what you choose to do in LIFE. Our guest, Chhavi Kohli is a champion Fencer for India, bagging medals in  Commonwealth Games twice.Being a sportsperson she did not compromise on her acade
    In this episode, we have a special guest named Reshma Kartik. She has been a former professional badminton player with the highest world ranking of 82 in women's singles.In this episode, we dive into her life and talk about her sporting career,
    Parents play a significant role in the child's growth.  During the developmental stages of the children, they mirror their parents. As the saying goes don't worry that the children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.In
    In life, we all have experienced criticism from time to time. We often have people who try to bring us down and throw negative tantrums and negative comments on us. In this episode, I will be sharing 5 practical approaches or 5 formulas that wi
    In today's episode, we have a very special guest who will take us through the journey of choosing the right career in life. As athletes, we all have confusion about academics and playing sports professionally. In this episode, the career counse
    We often hear people talk about "Stop Comparing" and one should only focus on his/her performance. While all this is true, I have a whole different philosophy towards Comparison. In this bite-size episode, I'll talk about Comparison, the types
    Another thrilling journey of a racer, who believes in enjoying the process rather than focusing on results. A person obsessed with beasts on two wheels, riding miles to reach his goals.Let us listen to his journey as a racer and the lessons he
    Every journey holds tons of life lessons, accomplishments, stories, ups & downs, but what keeps us going is the thing we love doing the most, the thing we enjoy doing every day, the thing for which we are known. The day we start enjoying what w
    Rejection is a pretty universal experience, and fear of rejection is very common, most people experience rejection over things both big and small at least a few times in their lives.It never feels good when something doesn’t happen the way you

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