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    In this episode, hosts Em and Chas will be reaching the conclusion of part two of this two-part series of “Supernatural Origins”. They will be discussing the scariest experiences of their journey thus far as psychic mediums in addition to their
    Introducing Season One: OriginsIn part one of this two part episode, Supernatural Origins, Em and Chas share a brief introduction about who they are, their very first paranormal experiences and the defining moment that they knew they were psyc
    One of the biggest questions many have searched for on the internet in regards to the paranormal is, “..is my house haunted?” Listen in as we provide answers with real life supernatural experiences to back it up with our very first Spiritual Te
    **Disclaimer**There are several references to self-harm in this episode. If this is a triggering subject, this one may not be for you. Viewer discretion is advised.Note to listener: Please bear with the first half of the interview as there a
    “My first hand encounter meeting the REAL Annabelle!”In this episode Hosts Em and Chas wrap-up the mini series, Origins of a Haunting with the Part 3, the Final Chapter. Listen in as they discuss the paranormal encounters they had before and a
    In this episode of the Lights at Midnight Podcast, Hosts Emily & Chasity welcome their very first special guest, Dead Serious Investigations, to take a deep dive into the mysterious world of Haunted Objects!!Special Guest, Duran Conrad, Lead P
    Have you ever wondered why every house you have lived in was haunted? We did too, and in this episode we have some explaining to do! Join Hosts Em & Chas as they kick off the very first “mini series” of Season 1, Origins of a Haunting!! Grab a
    This is an epic introduction to our NEW Psychic Paranormal Podcast hosted by Emily, The Fine Art Medium & Chasity, Luna Beams Psychic Medium & Astrologer! You can expect to hear paranormal nonfiction of all kinds with creepy conversations that
    This is the official trailer of Episode 9: Life in the Thousand Years
    In this episode, Hosts Chas & Em finish up Dark Spirits in PART 3 of the mini series. They cover Elementals, Insects, Parasites, Cryptids and a few other ways one can be haunted by malevolent forces. Along the way they add some of their own exp
    Hosts Chas & Em kick off Part 2 in this series with the first of 2 episodes introducing Dark Spirits. In this episode they cover Fallen Angels, Demons, Shadow People, and Extraterrestrials while adding some of their own experiences, and intuiti
    Join Hosts Em & Chas as they follow the theoretical yellow brick road and discuss the subjects of frequency, duality & dimensions along the way in this first part of, An Exploration into the Diversity of Spiritual Realms Series! Em & Chas quic
    **EXTENDED CUT**_________________________________________WARNING ..these objects are so haunted they come with a very dead serious warning. Pun intended!! Viewer discretion & spiritual protection is advised!- Chas n Em——————————————————————
    What is the meaning of treasures in heaven? Why do we need it for salvation? Why should it be stored in heaven? Why is treasures on earth not important? Is this the material wealth that preachers are talking about?

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