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    You New Favorite Podcast!

    28 Ratings

    Come join Ellie, Jarred, and Will for your Dungeons & Dragons fix! With a new episode every other Thursday the Monsters & Multiclass crew will discuss two segments, Multiclass Mashup and a Monster of the Week!

    ArtsGames HobbiesHobbies
    9 Ratings

    Världens bästa Björn & världens bästa Niklas pratar om saker som intresserar dom - främst musik, spel (både analoga och digitala) och livet i största allmänhet!

    MusicBoard GamesVideo Games
    7 Ratings

    Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes is a weekly podcast where a group of gentlemen get together and blatantly argue about different nerd topics. They also report on the biggest, fattest, juiciest news in current geek culture. When fans send in questions to the NWGLS Mailbag, The Nerds love to take that opportunity to make fun of them, and sometimes enlighten them with their knowledge of all things nerdy. They'll also give you a big ole NerdOn when they tell you what they've been up to from week to week. You can look forward to this irreverent romp through all your favorite nerd topics each Monday.

    Pop CultureNerd CultureTv Film
    5 Ratings

    "ShatterCast" is a production of Shattered Studios, a non-profit organization that seeks to share hope and faith through the performance, creative, and media arts."ShatterCast" discusses the latest trends and news from the arts and entertainment industries including video games, movies, tv shows, board games, and more all from a faith perspective. "Shattered Unplugged" is our special feature where we conduct interviews and share Encouraging Thoughts from our team members. "Through the Realm of Light and Shadow" is our brand new Role-Play Adventure Series set in the world of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Series.

    3 Ratings

    A British-based podcast discussing all things related to the Wizkids Games Dice Masters, brought to you by the www.BritRollerSix.com blog. Plenty of news, debate, and irreverent British humour from hosts Chris & Andy as they ramble their way through. Published every two weeks. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

    Board GamesTabletop Wargames
    2 Ratings

    Pod of Love is a two-player, romance, actual play podcast. Our season two stories take place in the fictional town of Charity, Maine, where there is lots of love, but also a dark secret.

    GamesHobbiesBoard Games
    2 Ratings

    Podcast buenrollero de un grupo de amig@s frikis que hablan de: series, comics, ciencia ficción, fantasía, juegos de mesa, doramas, bandas sonoras, rol, Marvel y DC, Star Wars, Cthulhu, y muchas cosas más.Búscanos en Twitter que allí ponemos memes y promos muy graciosos (según nuestro CM) .

    2 Ratings

    We pitch crappy board games so you don't have to. Join Ric and Ryan as they share misguided board game designs with guest judges from around the board game industry. Subscribe today and visit us online at www.OneBoardFamily.com.

    GamesBoard GamesHobbies
    2 Ratings

    Your place for 30K content, from the Horus Heresy to Adeptus Titanicus, and more!

    2 Ratings

    Welcome everyone to the Meeple minded podcast. This show is for all of you Tabletop hobby lovers out there. We will be talking about all things gaming from board, card, wargames and role play games. And may even just the odd episode of other nerdy topics that we love. Along with our man in the newsroom bringing you all the latest news, Crowdfunding campaigns & Events we think you need to know about.SOOOOO, if you like any type of table top game, Meeple Minded is the podcast for you.

    Board GamesHobbiesNews
    1 Rating

    Join four lifelong friends on this award-nominated comedy podcast about board games, video games, comicbooks, movies, TV and more; uncovering the hidden indie gems you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, and diving deep into the franchises you already know and love.

    Board GamesVideo GamesGames
    1 Rating

    A podcast looking at different movies, video games, and other works that are adaptations of - or inspired by - the works of H.P. Lovecraft and seeing how they compare to the originals. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/withstrangeaeons/support

    FilmHorror MoviesBoard Games
    1 Rating

    A fortnightly podcast about building community and finding players within the tabletop gaming landscape.

    TabletopTabletop RpgTabletop Wargames
    1 Rating

    This is a podcast how about the people that play games and the relationships that are made around the game table. We also give game reviews and recommendations as well as tell a story here and there. Mostly we try to have fun and keep it loose.

    GamesHobbiesBoard Games
    1 Rating

    Häng med oss varje onsdag när vi pratar samtidens brädspel och hobbyn som kommer med den. Ofta utifrån en tvåspelarupplevelse, oss brädspelare emellan. Kika in på http://www.bradspelareemellan.se/discord och prata podden, brädspel eller vad som helst annat oss brädspelare emellan.Följ oss på facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradspelareemellan

    GamesBoard Games
    0 Ratings

    We play chess and we talk. That's it.

    GamesVideo GamesTv
    0 Ratings

    The Tabletop Games Blog is about all things board, card, dexterity and other modern games. Every week there is a new review and a topic discussion piece, all of which are also released in audio format on the podcast.Additionally, there is the Let me illustrate podcast series where board game artists answer a catalogue of 17 questions about themselves.

    Board GamesGames HobbiesGames
    0 Ratings

    El Podcast oficial de Ultimo Turno - Donde hablaremos de todo lo concerniente al universo de los juegos de mesa.

    0 Ratings

    Hey there!I sit and chat with a wide ranging set of individuals from both inside and on the outside of the Tabletop/RPG/Boardgame industry about their experience, insight, & motivations. Put on a show whilst you are painting and hear the stories behind your fellow geekers and the people that created the games you know and love.I hope you enjoy.

    Board GamesTabletopGames
    0 Ratings

    Tabletop Inquisition is a podcast collaboration of Boardgame Inquisition and Tabletop Games Blog. In each episode we tackle a different issue facing board games, the people who play them and maybe their industry.

    Board GamesHobbiesGames Hobbies
    0 Ratings

    Nerds invite you into their world and chats about Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs), Board & Video Games, pop culture, & more!www.nerdcognito.com

    Nerd CultureGamingPop Culture
    0 Ratings

    Naught the Gaming Robot is a biweekly podcast. Join Rob as he analyzes the various strategies of some of your favorite board games in an effort to help you become a better solo gamer.

    GamesBoard Games
    0 Ratings

    What games would you like to see remade? Which films are undeserving of their place on the pedestal? Which TV shows you give a chance to? The Last Minute Continue crew talk about the things they're most passionate about - video games, films, anime, TV, comics and everything in between.

    Video GamesBoard GamesTv
    0 Ratings

    Opposites attract - that's what brought you two together. Now it's time to team-up and combine your unique personalities and interests to conquer the gaming world! Ours, Played is a podcast for couples looking for the perfect cooperative game. Tune in as we explore new and nostalgic co-op games to help you pick what to play on game night.

    Video GamesBoard GamesRelationships
    0 Ratings

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