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    Episode: 1SummaryLearn about the deep evolutionary origin of birds and follow their history up to the great extinction that happened 66 million years ago.First, I discuss what we mean when we say “bird.” What characteristics separate modern bir
    How are koalas faring after the great climate fires that bore down on Australia in 2019-20? One of the best people to ask is Cate Faehrmann, Member of Parliament for the New South Wales Greens Party. Also an environmental activist, Cate chaired
    SummaryBrood parasitism is a strange and fascinating behavior that we see (in one form or another) in several hundred bird species.This is where a female lays an egg in the nest of another bird. The parasite female flies away and never sees her
    Mike Crase and Wayne Lach are joined by Dana Sacia founder of "Hunting4Connections" but first Mike and Wayne talk weather problems for food plots and BEARS...BIG BIG BEARS!Dana Sacia talks how a City Gal turned into a Country Girl and along the
    Witnessing the decline of species and habitat in this time of mass extinction is deeply painful.In 2001, thanatologist Dr. Kriss Kevorkian gave a name to what many of us are feeling – environmental (and ecological) grief. In our first Sentient
    Episode: 7SummaryIt can be argued that, of all the animals, birds are the best at seeing stuff. Most species have an excellent sense of sight.In this episode, I’ll first introduce you to the anatomy of a bird’s eye.Then, we’ll look into (see wh
    Why did beards evolve (in us and these lizards)? Were the lizards in Holes real? Will bearded dragons changing sex decimate the species? Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi3tAGnuhqMVB4w9i-bjB804WPaluKvb3TdrD7bpVDE/edit?usp=sha
    In this episode, we’re going to look at wetlands as habitats for birds.We’ll start with how to recognize—how to define—a wetland ecosystem. Then, we’ll get into why these ecosystems are so important to birds. How do birds use wetlands as habita
    We're honored to launch Season 2 with this guest, the acclaimed animal photojournalist, author, humane educator and founder of We Animals Media, Jo-Anne McArthur. Perhaps no human has done more to bring the suffering of our animal kin into the
    This episode is all about birds in the family Columbidae. These are all the world’s many species of pigeons and doves.These birds are more exotic and interesting than many of us give them credit for. This is a widespread, diverse group that has
    A new podcast about our kinship with animals. Our first episodes land on Earth Day, April 22.Music: "The Spaces Between" by Scott Buckley.
    SummaryThe feather is one of the most iconic symbols of nature. Feathers are indispensable to birds, serving many critically important functions. In this episode, we explore those functions after looking closely at the anatomy—the structure—of
    Send us a Text Message.In this bonus episode Claudia talks to Alice Crary and Lori Gruen about their recent book “Animal Crisis: A New Critical Theory.” They touch on what inspired the book and spend most of the conversation focused on what “Cr
    This episode—which is Number 56— is all about the colors of birds.The diversity of color in bird plumages is one of the things we love most about these animals.But bird plumages are impressive not only when they display vibrant colors plucked f
    This is Episode 55. It’s all about birds in the avian family Phoenicopteridae. These are the flamingos.No doubt you already know a fun fact or two about flamingos. These birds are crowd pleasers that get a lot of attention. But today we’re doin

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